a 2016 Ram 2500 - Los Santos Fire Department - Pickup Truck 1.2

United States
  • Ram Trucks
  • ELS

An LSFD 2016 Ram 2500 pickup truck with a Code 3 RX2700 lightbar, inspired by Ram trucks used by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

non-ELS/DLS Version:

Optimized for: fireutility - AddOn Vehicle

Lighting equipment: Code 3 RX2700

Multiple Liveries: Supported


This mod requires ELS-V (Emergency Light System) version 1.05 to work properly. This car is intended as an add-on vehicle. Edits to the vehicles.meta and the carvariations.meta are therefore required.

Recommended with Better License Plates.

All blue and red/blue light textures are available here.

Unlocked parts for vehicle developers:

Terms of use

You may replace or edit textures for personal use and create and redistribute liveries of your own using the provided template.

You may not circumvent any protecting measures to edit models, use any of the work included in this archive for your own financial gain or redistribute this archive and its contents on any other website other than modding-forum.com without permission.


  • Version 1.2

    • Added option to install with LML.
    • Improved lightbar glass for more realistic color and opacity.