Florida Highway Patrol FPIU - Unit 0354 1.0.0

United States
  • Ford
  • non-ELS

Florida Highway Patrol's Unit 0354

Vehicle Slot: fhp16stfpiu

Lighting Equipment: Code 3


A 2016 Florida Highway Patrol Ford Police Interceptor Utility, based on Unit 0354. Made to be as accurate as possible, while keeping optimization in mind.

These vehicles have more than 20 sirens and hence it's highly recommended to use cp702's SirenSetting Limit Adjuster.

This vehicle uses a reflective livery and hence multiple liveries aren't really supported.

Terms of Use

- You may not convert this vehicle to any other game, it's meant to be used only in Grand Theft Auto 5 or FiveM

- You may not try to circumvent any protecting measures to edit this model.

- You may not distribute this model, you can however share a download link from the original download.

- You are responsible for the usage of this model and hence damage to your own game.

- You may edit or replace textures for personal use only.

- You may use this in FiveM

Installation Instructions
1 - Go to your "mods" folder.
2 - Drag the "fhp16stfpiu" folder into "\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks"
3 - Go to "\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
4 - Edit the "dlclist.xml" and add the following: "<Item>dlcpacks:/fhp16stfpiu/</Item>"
5 - Make sure you have a gameconfig.xml installed to allow for add-on/dlc use!