a 2010 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor - Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) 1.3

United States
  • Ford
  • non-ELS

A fictional, California-inspired non-ELS BCSO Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor with a Code 3 RX2700 lightbar.

Slicktop, unmarked, and detective versions:

Vehicle Slot: sheriff (Replace) or bcso (Add-On)

Lighting Equipment: Code 3 RX2700

Multiple Liveries: Supported


This modification requires the game to be run with DirectX 11.

Required mods:

  • SirenSetting Limit Adjuster: Required for 32 siren support. If not installed, some lights will never flash. Also adds additional siren setting IDs to minimize the risk of conflicts.

Recommended mods:

Extra components:

  • extra 5: Pushbar (always on by default)
  • extra 6: Trunk Ford badge (always off by default)
  • extra 7: Driver side mirror light (always off by default)
  • extra 8: Passenger side mirror light (always off by default)
  • extra 9: Rear deck light (always off by default)
  • extra 10: Radar

Unlocked parts for vehicle developers:

Terms of Use

You may replace or edit textures for personal use and create and redistribute liveries of your own using the provided template.

You may not circumvent any protecting measures to edit models. You may not redistribute this archive or its contents. You may not use any included textures for other modifications.


  • Version 1.3

    Note: Version 1.3 does not include DLS configuration files. They will be added when DLS v2 is released.

    • Added additional sirens, SirenSetting Limit Adjuster is now required.
    • Added optional rear deck and mirror lights.
    • Improved lighting patterns.
    • Improved LODs.
    • Improved texture quality using BC7 compression, requiring the game to be run with DirectX 11.
    • Minor fixes and improvements.
  • Version 1.2RX

    Includes DLS configuration files for DLS 1.4.

    • Improved lightbar and grill light emissive textures.
    • Fixed material order for grill light emissive and lens.
    • Fixed missing taillight environment reflections.