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  1. A fictional, California-inspired BCSO Chevrolet Caprice with Code 3 interior lights, with slicktop and unmarked configurations.
  2. A fictional, California-inspired BCSO Chevrolet Caprice with a Code 3 RX2700 lightbar.
  3. A 2016 LSFD Ram pickup truck with a Code 3 RX2700, inspired by the Los Angeles Fire Department.
  4. 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility with Federal Signal Valor and optional ALPR system. ELS/non-ELS hybrid.
  5. An unmarked 2018 Dodge Charger Pursuit with a Federal Signal Spectralux ILS and a CN SignalMaster, based on the Chargers used by the LAPD. A non-ELS vehicle featuring optional DLS support for light stages, traffic advisor patterns and a custom UI.
  6. GTA V Dynamic Lighting System

    Welcome to Dynamic Lighting System, a full-fledged light control system that allows for in-depth control of vehicle's lighting system.
  7. "Sworn to Relax - Dedicated to Slack" - Now you too can do nothing and get paid handsomely at the Port of Los Santos!
  8. GTA V Del Perro Police Livery Pack

    Patrol the laidback, trendy beachfront community made up of hip tanned new-agey-type yuppies and hip tanned new-agey-type homeless people with the Del Perro Police Dept.
  9. GTA V Rockford Hills Police Livery Pack

    Protect and serve the city of Rockford Hills, in collaboration with pride and privilege
  10. GTA V dlclist AutoCompiler

    "Do you use DLCs to install Add-On stuff? Try this"
  11. "Involving the Sea & Sky into Something New"
  12. GTA V Los Santos Area Taxi Liveries

    A lore-friendly livery pack for the Vapid Stanier Taxi with various taxi liveries inspired by the Los Angeles area (CA), and some original designs.
  13. GTA V Los Santos Police Lore-Friendly Livery Pack

    A lore-friendly livery pack inspired by Houston PD, TX.
  14. GTA V Sandy Shores Lore-Friendly Mini-Livery Pack

    Sandy Shores may be a small town, but policing it is no small task. With this mini-pack you'll be able to enforce the law in Sandy Shores and the rural areas around it.
  15. A fictional BCSO Chevrolet Caprice with a Code 3 RX2700.