SirenSetting Calculator

Degree and Radian Converter

Sequencer Converter

Speed Value Calculator

This value is unaffected by the timeMultiplier.
100% is a base line value giving the same result as syncToBpm set to true. For strobes, values of 200-300% or higher are recommended.

Start Value Calculator

Enter the siren's ID number. Note that the result will change based on the siren ID.

How does it work?

The required start value shifts based on the delta value. This shift increases for each siren. To determine the optimal start value in degrees, the following calculation is used, X being the siren ID, Y being the delta value in degrees: (X - 1) * Y - (Y / 11.25°) * 360°. For a steady instead of a flashing corona, 180° needs to be added or subtracted.