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About Me

About Me

I have been making mods for GTA IV since 2010, and for GTA 5 since 2016. You can find many of my mods for GTA IV on GTAinside and LCPDFR, however a lot of my older work may not be available anymore. All of my mods for GTA V can be found here on Modding Forum.

Please read the following before messaging me:


If you're looking for support, use our support categories, the modding categories or our Discord server. Please don't message me personally. If you're having an issue with one of my mods, please use its forum thread or the comments in the filebase.

Commercial use

You may use my publicly released development parts commercially, even if the terms (releases before July 2020) forbid commercial use. Commercial use is only allowed if credits (listing all authors and their contributions) and a link to the original download are displayed before purchasing and are included with the download.

Unlocked parts

I usually release most of my parts, you can find them in our Development Resources category. If you are looking for something I have not released, feel free to send me a message - however, I can't guarantee that I will respond, but I will consider releasing the respective parts. Before messaging me, check the credits to make sure I am the author of the part that you're looking for.

Using my work in FiveM servers

Friends-only servers: If you run a non-commercial server for your and your friends only, feel free to use any of my work.

Public or clan servers: If you have a public server or a clan server, including servers where you have to apply to join, you may use my work under the following condition: You have to provide your players with an easy way to access the credits I included with the file and a link to the original mod, for example on your website or Discord server.

Paid mods or commissions

I do not take requests or commissions and I will never sell any parts or create mods against payment - please do not ask me.

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