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    In what way does stability suffer? The game should never crash solely because you've installed too many mods, unless some of them are faulty. An FPS decrease is typically caused either by scripts or a large number of very high poly models, disappearing and invisible world textures are usually caused by textures with too high resolutions.

    Combining DLCs is most likely going to have no effects on performance and is therefore probably not worth the effort, as long as you haven't reached the game's DLC number limit.

    File size can be an indicator for optimization, but it's not a very good one. DLCs can have a very large file size if they aren't defragmented, but that only affects disc space, not the game's performance.

    Vehicle model files (yft) can be larger than necessary if they include more than the necessary LODs, which does not have any effect on in-game performance, only on disc space. Checking the polygon counts (especially for L1 and lower) is a much better way to check for vehicle optimization.

    For texture files (ytd), file size is even less of an indicator, as they are compressed, which results for example in multiple similar high resolution textures having a smaller ytd size than different looking low resolution textures, despite the latter requiring less memory. If texture loss happens, it is typically caused by having too many 4k textures (4 is typically a safe limit per car) or any textures with a higher resolution than 4k. Otherwise if no texture loss happens and the GPU's VRAM limit hasn't been reached, texture sizes shouldn't have any considerable impact on performance.

    Improperly positioned wheels are usually caused by misplaced dummies or axes. If only one wheel is wrong, it's most likely that its dummy was moved, in this case wheel_rr for the right rear wheel. If other parts are misplaced as well, it's more likely that the base and chassis dummies were moved.

    Moving accidentally moved parts precisely back to their intended position can be tricky, especially if it's unknown which parts were moved. It may be easier to re-import the changes only to a known working model, or even start from scratch depending on how many changes were made to the car.

    The slicktop and unmarked as well as the detective CVPI has been released and the marked CVPI has been updated:

    As previously stated, these versions do not include DLS support yet. Configurations for DLS v2 will be added once it has been released.

    But somehow it needs to work, because in my exhample multiple different cars use the "vehicles_muscle_n_w_interior.ytd". Otherwise creating shared textures doesn´t make any sense.

    You can assign multiple cars to the vehicles_muscle_n_w_interior texture, you just cannot assign multiple cars to the polshare texture and assign this polshare texture to multiple interiors as well. Multiple children can have the same parent, but a child can only have one parent.

    Also, regarding the ytd size: It is not a useful metric for memory usage, as ytds are compressed similarly to zip archives to decrease disc space, the size of the dds textures themselves is what matters. Because of the ytd compression, it is possible that smaller textures with more varying content can result in a higher ytd size than larger but more repetitive textures, even though the smaller textures require less memory.

    As each child can only have a single parent, I don't see how it would be possible to include different interior textures for different cars. Depending on how many shared interior texture each car uses and how many textures your polshare texture includes, it may still be advantageous to use the polshare while simply including the interior textures directly in the vehicles' ytd.

    It is not possible to overwrite the relationships for existing textures, in this case vehicles_muscle_n_w_interior. If you instead assign polshare to the vehicle and the interior textures polshare, it should work:


    The first trailer has been released early:

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    We have added a SirenSetting Calculator with the following tools:

    • Convert delta and start values from degrees to radians and vice versa
    • Convert sequencers from binary to decimal and vice versa
    • Calculate the optimal speed values for wigwags, halogen lights and strobe lights
    • Calculate the optimal start values for flashing and steady coronas while syncToBpm is set to false

    Here's a short video of some of the new DLSv2 features on the BCSO CVPI:

    External Video
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    I have finished all the remaining equipment on the Detective CVPI:

    Further bug fixes and small improvements are still necessary for all of the CVPIs, so please don't expect a public release in the very near future. These vehicles will all support DLS v2, which is currently in development. Since DLS v2 uses different configuration files and as it could still take some time until it's ready, the first release of the CVPIs may not include DLS vehicle configuration files yet.

    Here are a few pictures of the Detective CVPI and the Code 3 Warrior. The car has a few different light options, the pushbars are optional, the headlight corner strobes can be changed from white to red and blue and the Warrior can either be steady red or split blue and steady red.

    Based on the feedback I've gotten here and on Discord, I'll make the Havis console that's mounted underneath the dash with the same radio and the Mastercom controller I've used for the other cars.

    In addition to the marked and slicktop CVPIs, I've also started working on a 2008 Street Appearance Package CVPI, intended as a detective or administrative car. It will have fewer lights, most likely a similar hideaway/grill light setup like the other CVPIs with a steady red or split red/blue Code 3 Warrior in the front and a short amber/blue Code 3 Wingman in the back.

    I'm unsure about the interior equipment and I'm hoping for some feedback:

    • Option 1: Use the standard CVPI seats rather than the civilian seat option and use the same console setup as for the other CVPIs, except without the ArrowStik controller.
    • Option 2: Remove the default radio from the dash and mount a Motorola radio and a small light and siren controller such as the Code 3 Undercover Siren 3050 instead.
    • Option 3: Model a console that's placed underneath the dash with the Motorola radio and a light/siren controller.
    • Option 4: Like option 3, except that the default A/C and radio are moved from the dash down to the console, making it possible to mount the light/siren controller and radio in the dash instead.