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    The color of license plates is set in the carcols for each license plate by the FontColor value. It's a hex code starting with 0x and the opacity, which should be fully opaque (FF) for license plate text.

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    Your file list are the default DLCs by the game, this is absolutely correct and intended. Many mod authors set up their addon vehicles to use a DLC, in that case it'll be enough to copy the DLC and its folder to the dlcpacks folder and add its name to the dlclist.xml. Note that the name of the DLC folder has to match the name set in the DLC, which is usually provided by the mod author.

    When copying emissives from other lights, it'll be necessary to set the ID to 0 to make sure it's no longer affected by the original light. If by flickering you mean z-fighting, make sure that your new emissive is slightly in front of the original one.

    Other than that, there shouldn't be any differences compared to any other lights.

    As far as I know, those scripts are typically set up to switch between modkits for each digit. I'm unable to help with that, as I have no experience using modkits at all, but you may be able to find other tutorials on how to create those.

    That could be the model, but it could also be caused by an incorrect sirensetting in the carvariations or carcols. I'd recommend making sure the car works without crashing before continuing work on the lights. If the metas aren't right, it's likely that the lights aren't going to work anyway.

    Crashes are rarely caused by the model or texture files, but usually rather by the metas.

    The hierarchy doesn't appear to have any issues. The only thing to consider is that both the standard and the hi.yft files have the exact same file size, which indicates an importer export of the LODs, but as long as at least an L0 and an L1 are present, this shouldn't cause any crashes.

    I hate coronas, As I only use ELS. I change my corona texture itself to eliminate them altogether.


    Change the corona texture for a black one

    That isn't advisable, the game absolutely needs coronas for far distances, otherwise lights will will simply disappear. This has nothing do with ELS either.

    I'm currently on a modding hiatus, so there won't be any news in the near and possibly even the far future. I was planning to update the marked CVPI to support 32 sirens (requiring SirenSetting Limit Adjuster) and use the additional sirens to add (optional) mirror lights and lights on the rear deck. This has been on hold due to my hiatus, though all the existing lights have already been converted to separate sirens for SSLA and the new pattern showcased in the video above.

    This 32 siren version of the marked CVPI is in a state that's likely ready for release, but won't be officially released until the additional lights have been added. However, as I have no idea when I find the time and motivation to get back to it, I've decided to release it as a prerelease version. It has the updated patterns and uses more than 20 sirens, therefore requiring SSLA for all lights to work properly, and it is otherwise identical to the last released version.

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    It looks very well made, but I'm not sure I'd agree with calling it optimized. For a part of this size, you could easily get away with a fraction of the poly count, a normal map for the slot, and a much lower texture resolution.

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