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    Credits, Permissions, and Terms of Use

    • Correct and complete credits must be provided for all released modifications. Credits must include a list of all authors and their contributions. They must be included both in the post and with the downloadable file.
    • Resources may not be uploaded if any part of the resource has been used without permission.
    • The terms of use need to allow sharing mods using the respective resources non-commercially without requiring further permission.


    • Thread titles should contain the name of the resource presented. We recommend presenting only one resource or one resource pack per thread.
    • Choose the most appropriate label for your resource. Accessories to specific resources should use the same label like the original resource.
    • Showroom threads may not be used for advertising. Links to websites, Discord servers or YouTube channels are only permitted in the respective profile fields, which are automatically shown next to the first post of the thread.
    • Screenshots have to be provided when presenting any modification. Pictures need to be attached to the post, external hosters may not be used. When embedding pictures in a post, use thumbnails if possible.

    Quality Standards and Modified Assets

    • Assets must be converted to GTA V and follow basic quality standards.
    • Assets from the default game or from other development resources may only be posted if they were significantly modified.


    • Released modifications need to be hosted on Modding Forum, either by attaching them in the thread or by submitting them to our filebase. It is allowed to post external links for files that exceed our maximum file size, as an additional mirror or for optional downloads.
    • Official Post

    With the steadily growing number of development resources posted on Modding Forum, we have decided to make some changes to the labels to allow easier filtering:

    • The "Emergency Vehicle Equipment" label has been replaced with many new labels for specific equipment types.
    • We have added vehicle labels for the most common vehicles.
    • From now on, accessories to specific parts (such as mounts) will be labeled like the original part, for example an emergency light mount will be added to the "Emergency Lights" label.

    Labels of existing threads have been updated. If you notice any threads with incorrect or missing labels, feel free to report them.

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