a 2018 Dodge Charger - Los Santos Police Department (LSPD / LAPD) - Unmarked 1.6S

United States
  • Dodge
  • ELS

An unmarked 2018 Dodge Charger Pursuit with a FS Spectralux and a CN SignalMaster, based on the Chargers used by LAPD's Metro Division.

non-ELS/DLS version:

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Optimized for: Police4

Lighting equipment: Federal Signal Spectralux ILS & CN SignalMaster

Multiple Liveries: Supported, but not included


This mod requires ELS-V (Emergency Light System) version 1.05 to work properly. Edits to the vehicles.meta are required to decrease the tint on the rear windows.

Recommended with Better License Plates or Better License Plates - California.

All blue and all red light textures are available here.

Unlocked parts for vehicle developers:

Terms of use

You may replace or edit textures for personal use and create and redistribute liveries of your own using the provided template.

You may not circumvent any protecting measures to edit models, use any of the work included in this archive for your own financial gain or redistribute this archive and its contents on any other website other than modding-forum.com without permission.

  • Version 1.6S

    Added option to install with LML.

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  • Are you able to do this also as an Addon vehicle?

  • I am wondering what version of Zmodeler this was made in? I tried to open it up in my version (like 3.1.2) and it wouldn't open. Would a newer version open this file? Thanks

    • The model is locked and therefore cannot be edited. Many of the parts used for this mod are available unlocked (such as the Charger base and the lights) and are linked in the description and the readme. Also, ZMod 3.1.2 is very old and will indeed have problems opening some files.