Sandy Shores Lore-Friendly Mini-Livery Pack 1.1.0

Sandy Shores may be a small town, but policing it is no small task. With this mini-pack you'll be able to enforce the law in Sandy Shores and the rural areas around it.

A lore-friendly livery mini-pack for the Sandy Shores area. The pack includes configurations for both in-town patroling with the all-SUV fleet and a pick up truck option for the rural surrounding areas.

Including the following variations for the cruisers;

Chevy Tahoe (2014 & 2016)

- Patrol, Supervisor, Traffic and K-9

Dodge Ram (2016)

- Patrol

Vehicle Links:

The following template should be used if desired on another pack/vehicle:

By downloading this file, you have agreed that:

- You may edit these liveries as much as you want for private use only

- That you will not upload any livery included in this pack whether modified or not

- That these liveries will not be used in a clan pack or similar

- Made from scratch by Crizby with Photoshop & Paint.NET
- Inspiration from Grand Prairie Police Dept. (TX), Such as colors, general design and dept. Logo
- CJ24, for the 'els_emissive_rb', 'els_emissives2_rb' and 'rx2700_clear' textures to change colors to red and blue

Installation Instructions


  • Version 1.1.0

    Included textures to change the colors of the lights to red and blue, instead of just linking them. Credits have been updated accordingly.