Unmarked LSPD Caprice

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  • this car is everything im looking for from the hubcaps to the visor lights no spotlight everything but the rear deck bar :( would you be opposed to changing the rear bar out for a whelen light setup

    • I'm sorry, but for this car, I'll keep the current light setup. It's based on LAPD's unmarked cars and they use the CN SignalMaster in the rear.
      It's very likely that I'll work on slicktop or unmarked cars with Whelen setups in the future, if you tell me what exactly you have in mind, I might consider it.

    • Ct state police traffic units are the caprices just like that pretty much I’ll send some pics, awesome work with the caprice tho defiantly a big plus having someone like you who makes them!

    • So can’t find any really good pics. But they use the Whelen inner edge xlp visors, 2 Whelen ions in the grille, Whelen ions in the quarter panel insert, an ion in the side window each side, and now this is where its weird cause instead them using a Whelen dominator bar they use 6 Whelen ions lined up like a full bar in the back window 3red and 3 blue that all are duo color to change to amber for traffic Advisory it would be awesome if that’s something you’d be willing to make or even if it wasn’t exactly that but something close to it!

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      I suppose something like this without the light bar just red and blue setup

    • Are you not releasing that caprice as a dev at all?