a 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor - Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Unmarked 2.1U

United States
  • Ford
  • ELS 8.5

An unmarked LVMPD CVPI with a retractable Delta-Ray light using ELS' arrowboard feature.

An unmarked LVMPD Crown Vic with a retractable Delta-Ray light using ELS' arrowboard feature (default controls Alt + K).

Optimized for: FBI
Multiple Liveries: Yes

Normal patrol unit and slicktop version available here:

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Installation Instructions
Use SparkIV or OpenIV to import the fbi.wft and the fbi.wtd from the Vehicle Files folder into GTAIV\pc\models\cdimages\vehicles.img.
Copy the provided lvmpd_unmarked.ini into the GTAIV\ELS folder and replace the file line value associated with the model in the _SLOTCONTROL.ini with lvmpd_unmarked and ensure the status value is on.