Los Santos Sheriff's Office Lore-Friendly Livery Pack 1.1.0

With the Los Santos Police Dept. And Los Santos County Sheriff's Department merged into the Los Santos Sheriff's Office, you'll be able to patrol all of Los Santos City and County without worrying about your jurisdiction.

A lore-friendly Los Santos Sheriff's Office pack inspired by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. The perfect pack for being able to patrol both the rural and metropolitan areas of Los Santos County.

Including the following variations for the cruisers;

FPIS, Chevy Impala

- Regular patrol, K9 unit, Traffit unit, Unmarked & Supervisor

FPIU & Chevy Tahoe

- Regular Patrol, K9 & Supervisor (+ Unmarked version for the Chevy Tahoe)

Vehicle Links;
LSPD Pack (Nashville Metro Police)

- https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/f…ck-nashville-metro-based/

The following template should be used if desired on another pack/vehicle;

Chevy Impala

- OfficerUnderwood's template

Chevy Tahoe

- Officer Underwood's template

Ford Police Interceptor

- Officer Underwood's template

Ford Police Interceptor Utility

- The Hurk's Template

By downloading this file, you have agreed that;

- You may edit these liveries as much as you want for private use only

- That you will ask for permission from Crizby prior to uploading them

- That if they are used in a clan pack, proper credits to the original creator will be displayed

Please leave a comment for any questions or feedback! Enjoy :)

- Made from scratch by Crizby with Photoshop & Paint.NET
- Inspiration from Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, Such as colors, general design and dept. Logo
Installation Instructions


  • Version 1.1.0

    - Edited FPIS liveries. The pillars should now be black and not white.