a 2001 Ford F250 XL Super Duty - Liberty County Sheriff Rescue V1.0SH DROT

  • Ford
  • ELS 8

A 2001 Ford F250 rescue vehicle, intended to replace the default ambulance model.

Optimized for:
Lightbar: Federal Signal Streethawk
Additional Lighting: Federal Signal Vector pods; Federal Signal Signalmaster; Whelen 600 Series Super-LED lightheads; Whelen 700 Series Halogen Scene lights; Whelen 900 Series Super-LED lightheads; Whelen TIR4 lightheads
Multiple Liveries: Yes

Additional Notes

  • The fading halogen effect that this model uses for the halogen lighting will not work unless the WRNL flashers are switched off at LSTG 3 and pattern C-08 is selected(this pattern is set to default by means of the provided configuration file), only use the WRNL mode for takedown mode.

Terms of use
You may:

  • Replace or edit textures for personal use.
  • Create and redistribute liveries of your own using the provided template.

You may not:

  • Circumvent any protecting measures to edit models.
  • Use any of the work included in this archive for your own financial gain.
  • Redistribute or re-upload this archive and its contents on any other website other than modding-forum.com without permission.

Files Included

  • ambulance.wtd
  • ambulance.wft
  • pictures
  • readme.pdf
  • template.jpg
  • f250_config.ini
  • handling.txt