Grand Theft Auto IV

  1. A 2001 Ford F250 rescue vehicle, intended to replace the default ambulance model.
  2. Robbinsville Township Police Department Pack brought to you by Chippy and Teddy
  3. An unmarked LVMPD CVPI with a retractable Delta-Ray light using ELS' arrowboard feature.
  4. A 2008 LVMPD CVPI with a FS Vision lightbar using LVMPD's LED and rotator setup. Featuring high quality liveries made by sixium.
  5. A 2008 LVMPD Slicktop CVPI featuring high quality liveries made by sixium.
  6. A fictional LSPD Crown Victoria based on LAPD's 2006 CVPIs. Two versions are included, one with hubcaps and one with steel rims. The pushbar is set up as extra_10 and therefore spawns randomly.