Grand Theft Auto IV

  1. A 2001 Ford F250 rescue vehicle, intended to replace the default ambulance model.
  2. An unmarked LVMPD CVPI with a retractable Delta-Ray light using ELS' arrowboard feature.
  3. A 2008 LVMPD Slicktop CVPI featuring high quality liveries made by sixium.
  4. A 2008 LVMPD CVPI with a FS Vision lightbar using LVMPD's LED and rotator setup. Featuring high quality liveries made by sixium.
  5. Robbinsville Township Police Department Pack brought to you by Chippy and Teddy
  6. A fictional LSPD Crown Victoria based on LAPD's 2006 CVPIs. Two versions are included, one with hubcaps and one with steel rims. The pushbar is set up as extra_10 and therefore spawns randomly.