Website Updates

  • We've just finished updating our software. Apart from a minor update to the gallery, we've implemented a new filebase software and a new design for the complete website.

    The most extensive changes have been made to the filebase:

    • It is now possible assign files to mulitple categories, giving you many possibilities to filter for specific files.
    • For police vehicles categories, each country will get an own category.
    • All vehicle categories now provide labels for car brands.
    • For GTA IV, the ELS versions can be set and filtered as well.

    We're going to add more labels or categories if required in future. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. Of course, all approved old files have been moved to the new software and old links are still working.

    If you've found any issue or you want to give feedback, feel free to use the Website Feedback & Discussion category.

  • We've just completed the following small changes to our forum layout:

    • We've added a new Our Website category inside the Miscellaneous Discussion section at bottom, which combines our old News & Announcements and Website Feedback & Discussion categories.
    • The game Discussion and support and the modding discussion and support categories were merged to form generic categories for discussion and support.
    • The old 3D Modeling and Graphic Design category has been replaced with a new Modding section. The Graphic Design & Texturing and 3D Modeling categories can be used to discuss tools and techniques regardless of the game.
  • The Development Parts category of our Filebase has been replaced with new Development Resources categories in the forums.

    We've performed this step to make a clearer division between the Showroom, which is meant to be a place for all kinds of modifications, including development resources, and our filebase, where we provide quality modfications that have been checked to meet our standards.
    It's impossible to define quality standards for development parts, since they're not meant to be finished, but to be edited by other modders. Users are able to post resources without requiring approval.

  • We've completed our software update and the re-branding to Modding Forum.

    The software update included many minor improvements. Apart from the new style, most of them allow us to customize more aspects of the website. Since we wanted to complete the maintenance as quick as possible, some planned changes have not been introduced yet and will follow in the next weeks.

    If you find any issues, please report them in our Website category.

    More information about the new name can be found here: New name: Modding Forum, scheduled maintenance on May 25th