• Our Filebase

    There are many sources for modifications for Grand Theft Auto games, but there is one thing that makes Modding Forum's filebase unique:

    Every modification has been tested by our experienced staff to ensure that it's up to our quality standards. There is a countless number of modifications for GTA, but some may have issues, such as bugs or causing performance hits - we try to find all of those issues and give the author advice to improve their work.

    Would you like to submit your own modification?

    If you would like to submit your own modifications to our filebase, make sure to read these guidelines carefully and follow our recommendations wherever possible. The better your work is, the faster we are able to approve it. Please note that it might take up to a week until your submission will be reviewed.

    Do you want to show your work in progress or release your mods without having to go through our quality checks? Check out our GTA IV and GTA V Showroom.

    You can get feedback and advice whether your mod is already released or still in progress. If you are unsure how to fix certain issues, you can post your questions at our GTA IV and GTA V Mod Support categories.

    Join our Developers group

    To be able to upload modifications in our filebase, you must be a member of the Developers user group. If you would like to join, send us an application with links to your modifications, uploaded in the Showroom in our forums. We will review your work to see if you are capable of creating your own modifications without bugs or other issues.

    Presenting your modification

    • Choose the required categories and labels depending on your modification. If you believe no existing category suits your modification, select the game category only, our staff members will sort it and add new categories if required. If you would like to upload a modification for a different game, please send us a message or post in the Website Discussion and Support forum.
    • Provide complete and correct credits listing the names of all contributors and specifying what work they have done.
    • Installation instructions for single player must be included and they should be clear and correct.
    • Include a readme file with your download providing at least credits and installation instructions.
    • Choose a suitable and comprehensible title. Use a well-formatted and clear description to present your work. Describe your modification briefly in the summary. Don't use the filebase to provide off-topic information. Don't use the description to advertise for other services, such as YouTube channels or Discord servers, use the respective profile fields instead.
    • Attach further screenshots. To save file size, we recommend the use of jpgs instead of pngs.

    Your mod itself

    • If you use any part you have not created yourself, make sure you are permitted to use it. Please don't upload any modifications that you didn't contribute to.
    • Make sure your mod has no bugs. Common issues with vehicle mods and possible fixes can be found here.
    • Use a consistent setup following the standards from the default game. Creating something special is great, but be sure it actually fits into the game.
    • Try to create something unique. Many mods might have already been created earlier, therefore unique work is usually more appreciated.

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