2011 Ford Crown Victoria P7B - BCSD 2.0A

United States
  • Ford
  • ELS

Fictional "BCSD" 2011 Ford Crown Victoria P7B with a fair amount of lights and equipment.

My first released vehicle model. More to come down the road, but for now enjoy this :)

- This project would not have been possible without @PSource and @steinberg4145 :) PSource provided me with this beautiful FCV that he worked very, very hard on and it is much apperciated that he was generous enough to let me use it. Thank you very much PSource. Steinberg has helped me with just about everything. He has helped me keep my sanity and be a better vehicle modeler in general. He helped with any question I had regarding modeling to the very best of his ability. If it wasn't for these two guys, this wouldn't have been possible.
- Thank you CJ24 and Kane104 for helping me find the final issues with the model and squash them!


  • Version 2.0A

    <p>Miscellaneous fixes &amp; improvements</p>
    <p>Steel wheel/hubcap option</p>