a 2013 Chevrolet Caprice PPV - Los Santos Sheriff’s Department V1.0S2

  • Chevrolet
  • ELS

A 2013 Los Santos Sheriff’s Department​ Chevrolet Caprice PPV​ based on the radio vehicle used by the LASD for testing purposes.

A 2013 Los Santos Sheriff’s Department Chevrolet Caprice PPV.

Lighting Stages Preview

Optimized for: Sheriff
Lightbar: Federal Signal Arjent S2
Multiple Liveries: Yes

Additional Notes

  • This mod requires ELS-V (Emergency Light System) version 1.05 to work properly.
  • You are required to install the carvariations.meta entry supplied with this download as per the above instructions; not doing so will cause the model to spawn with the incorrect body colours.

Terms of use
You may:

  • Replace or edit textures for personal use.
  • Create and redistribute liveries of your own using the provided template.

You may not:

  • Circumvent any protecting measures to edit models.
  • Use any of the work included in this archive for your own financial gain.
  • Redistribute or re-upload this archive and its contents on any other website other than accuratestudio.com without permission.

Files Included

  • sheriff.yft
  • sheriff.ytd
  • sheriff_hi.yft
  • sheriff+hi.ytd
  • carvariations.txt
  • sheriff.xml
  • Readme
  • Template
  • Pictures
Installation Instructions



  • Hands down the best modern Caprice released by far, Just one request, it would be great to see it available with a different light bar, maybe something like a freedom, justice or justice. Everything else is on point.
  • To be honest, i didn't like the Holden Caprice in real life at all.
    After i nstalled your replica!
    This is the best 3d model for GTA V imo.
    But something ' s weird with the template.
    All textures i made for the car look, well weird.
    It doesn't work in Gimp2 like the other templates .
    Hard to explain.
    • Would you be able to send me a message with example images of your problem?
    • The templates is incorrectly saved with indexed color mode. It needs to be converted back to RGB to use it properly.
  • AWSOME! id like to more versions, maybe a slick top
  • Awensome Caprice! The best out!
  • The only real Caprice out there. :^)

    I'd suggest adding a front plate, since it's ordered by CA state law. Yet since it's LSSD, it's up to you. Depends how alike you want it to be to the counterpart.
    • Actually, it is like the counterpart: flickr.com/photos/navymailman/9726512543

      We've also been wondering about that, but considering that the testing vehicles were only used for a short time, they apparently didn't bother adding a front plate.
    • Cj24, There's actually a plate holder on that car. It might just be that the DMV hadn't issued the plates for the car when that picture was taken. I know when LAPD got the FPIUs a while back they put them out on the streets without plates for a little while. (sorry for the poor quality, I took these a few years ago on my old phone)
    • It did have a back plate, though: flickr.com/photos/navymailman/9726517815/

      Regardless of the actual reasons for the missing plate, Kevin decided not to add a front plate. I actually would've prefered a front plate as well, maybe if there're enough other people it could encourage him to make a second version :D
    • Weird being the rear plate was already issued. Maybe since it was only a test car they didn't bother?
  • Amazing Kane. As always.
  • This is amazing. Glad you released this Kevin.
  • Very nice car! Good job. Nice to see a car with correct lods and a good poly count!
  • Congratulations on the release! This is some very high quality work that everyone knows you spent a ton of time working with. Happy to see you finish this awesome project!