2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility - LSPD/LAPD - Marked and Unmarked

  • I've recently started working on LSPD 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utilities with Kane104's base model. I'm working on the marked and the unmarked FPIU, I'll try to make both as close to the real LAPD versions as possible.

    The skin for the marked version should be complete:

    Currently, I'm working on the unmarked version, here's a first picture:

    I'm working on the emissives right now, the unmarked car will be a hybrid using ELS for most lights in order to get proper light stages and non-ELS for some lights at stage 3. I'll need to use default lights to make the mirror lights work properly, but I generally prefer using ELS for the light stages. I'm not sure if I'll use default lights for the Spectralux interior lightbar, as it allow me to get the pattern closer to the real car, however, I would have to update the Charger and the Caprice as well to have the same setup.

  • yessssssss non els that is good news for me i have been waiting for non ele along time now : ))))

    To clarify, the car will use a mix of ELS and non-ELS, you'd still need ELS, but at stage 3, it uses both ELS and default lights for different lights. However, if all works as expected, there will be a non-ELS version, but it might not be possible due to the number of split lights in so many different positions. I can only guarantee that there will be a version that works with ELS.

  • I've started working on the lights and decided to go with non-ELS lights for the Spectralux and the all the Micropulses in the front to get a more realistic pattern. Here's a short video:

    I will most likely try to make a non-ELS version, however I will have to omit some lights, as there would be more lights than the game allows me to add. Possible options would be to remove the flashing reverse lights and to use single color mirror lights instead of split lights. I'll look into that after the ELS version is done, the only thing I can say right now is that a fully realistic non-ELS version is impossible.

  • I have a new video of the (hopefully) final light setup of the unmarked FPIU. ELS is used for the steady burns and the SignalMaster in the rear. All other lights use non-ELS in order to get the most realistic pattern possible and to have proper environmental light reflections.

    Unfortunately, the CN SignalMaster has to be mounted to the body, the real one is mounted to the trunk. While it would technically be possible for the unmarked FPIU, the marked one has two separate traffic advisors, one in the rear window and one in the lightbar, and the emissives cannot be split up to move with the trunk. I'd rather have a consistent setup than do it properly only for the unmarked one, that's why all versions will have the traffic advisor mounted to the body.

  • CJ, you're always doing insane work! Good to see you're still putting out quality vehicles since we were friends through IV modding. (old name was Foward). Cant wait for the release of this, been dying for an unmarked LAPD based FPIU!

  • Kane104 just finished his FS Valor, so I started working on the marked FPIU and added all the lights. Like the unmarked one, it's an ELS/non-ELS hybrid, using ELS for the traffic advisor, the wig wags and the steady burns to get the realistic light stages and non-ELS for all other lights.

    I have also finished the Integrated Control System and the console, I'm currently working on the partitions and the dashcam.

  • Very interesting that there has been a fair amount of LAPD packs being released within the last few months. For the longest of times Desmonds 2013 FPUI was in a league of its own in terms of quality and interior. Nice to see that gap is closing. This FPUI is looking really good, good luck with the project.