Better License Plates

  • Now released!


  • I could include a version without stickers at all, but no expiration year (like the default sticker) would look a little bit empty. I've actually considered making a retro version (with the older white plate) as well, but the exempt plate wouldn't work without carcols edits, and I wouldn't really want to include that with a texture mod.

  • Well your call then, but personally I already used them so


    And I don't see a problem with it. I think actually going without the full stickers would then make it look too empty.

    EDIT: Actually seeing the real ones again I guess no stickers would make sense too, like this


    Anyway, some suggestions if you're open to that:…2/2015-12-16_21-28-13.jpg

  • The front plates never have expiration stickers, so having no stickers would be as unrealistic as having them in the front and the back. Unfortunately that's something that can't be changed with a mod. The current textures will get an option without any stickers.

    I will make the retro pack as well then, with the 1987 plates instead of the current ones. The stickers will be a mix between the two styles of older stickers (this and this) with different colors and no year. The exempt plate will just have the SA EXEMPT text with the old font, like the default one.

    The 1956 plate would probably be easy, but the 1942 has a different format, I'm not sure what would be the best way to do that. I'll consider seperate textures when the two complete versions are released.


    Well, the real question is: When will be the LSPD slicktop Caprices released?

    That's the main question

    That's not a question for this thread, though ;)

  • Let me see what I can come up with for the 1942 plate.

  • That texture looks very good and would probably fit well for a car with a templated license plate, but wouldn't really work together with this mod, as it's meant to enhance the default San Andreas plates. Additionally, my textures have a much lower resolution and barely use any shadow or shine effects as I can use normal maps for that.

    Depending on what GreenAid has in mind, I'm probably going to try to convert that design to the current format and upload the textures here. It will require manual edits of the carcols to change the text color. I have a few different things that I'm going to work on before doing that, though.

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  • That wasn't really my point, I wouldn't have bothered editing the carcols anyway ^^

    I was referring to the shape of the license plate, it's a little bit lower than the current plates. I could either create the texture with the original shape and scale it to the texture or try to convert the design to the current format.

    For those interested, the retro version is going to take a little bit longer as I'm having to update the normal version again. The text on top will be positioned more accurately.

  • The retro plates should be ready now:


    Going to release them together with the update for the current version, which is still in progress. I've also started working on the 1956 plate and a 2011+ plate with text at the bottom.