The South African Police Vehicle Thread

  • As you all know, I need no introduction into the area of making South African Police Vehicles for GTA 4. I've been doing them ever since the early days of joining the community and have ultimately reached a peak in that I'm able to create anything for the game. With that being said, this thread is solely aimed at showcasing and debating ideas for these releases. I've considered that the majority that do download my mods aren't South Africans and as such I'd like to accompany the likings of all.

    With the SAPS being a national police force, you're guaranteed to find almost any type of lighting setup imaginable on a multitude of vehicles. In terms of lightbar brands, Whelen is fairly common in areas like Gauteng whilst the other areas of the country are dominated mostly by companies like Hazard Bonako. I've reached a stage now where I'd like to do the vehicles in an accurate form such as the Flying Squad units but also accompany the likings of others by creating the setups found across the country.

    Currently, I've got a few works in progress with the prime project being the Mk7 VW Golf GTI(the release will definitely be soon, I'm just limited on time). I'm also working on a Mk5 VW Golf GTI, Mk1 VW Citi Golf, and an updated version of the previously released VW Amarok "bakkie". As they're still WIPs, I'd like some input from the community pertaining to their likings of lighting setups and brands. The Hazard Slimline RT4 model is the most common lightbar fitted to modern SAPS cars due to a contracts obtained, but as previously stated, there are various setups of this lightbar and the others. Its also worth mentioning that I plan on releasing a Hazard Logic 550 siren soon as well as a reworked version of the older HAC series sirens.

    Below is a list of the most common lightbar setups as well as links to them in use:
    Hazard Invader Fastback lightbar - example 1; example 2; example 3

    Hazard Crusader Fastback(same as the Invader but lacks speaker, often has "POLICE" written in the in the middle of the lightbar) - example 1 (to the left, on the BMW); example 2; example 3; example 4
    Hazard Enforcer(usually all blue with speaker) - example 1; example 2; example 3; example 4

    Hazard Slimline RT4(RT4 is the lense setup pictured) - example 1; example 2; example 3; example 4 (also pictured is the LoJack antenna setup found on almost all SAPS cars nowadays); example 5; example 6

    Hazard Slimline full blue variant(usually features a speaker on top) - example 1; example 2
    Hazard Slimline clear variant(usually features a speaker on top) - example 1; example 2; example 3
    Whelen Liberty(used mostly by the Johannesburg Metro Police) - example 1; example 2 (Patriot Variant, features halogen takedowns and strobes)

    There are other brands but I'm unsure of the models so I won't post them just yet, what I have listed above should be a perfect reference to the types of setups found here. Feel free to give input on what you like or ask questions, I'll happily answer them. I'll post progress pictures of the models as I go along and hopefully I can satisfy everyone's likings.

  • I really like the BMWs. Ever thought about working on that 3 series with Liberty lightbar?

    Nice work of putting that list together. Although I'm not sure anybody apart from you is even working on South African mods :D

  • Alrighty, so I've managed to take a few ingame pictures of the Mk5 Golf I'm working on. This one features 3 liveries with white paint and a 4th featuring a unique black paint, the equipment setup consists of a Hazard Slimline lightbar(the full blue variant with speaker), LoJack antennas, and 2 TIR4 LED modules in the rear window. This same model I'll release in two setups though, with one being the pictured and the other having a Hazard Invader lightbar for those that like rotator lightbars. I'm currently working on the Hazard Invader lightbar model. Also, its worth noting that I'll start a separate thread for the release and showcase of the models.

    Further updates still to come, will include a VW Citi Golf and VW Amarok.

  • Confirmed then! I'll be sure to include a black version of each car I do in the future.

    In terms of authenticity, they are common. The picture below was taken from the launch day of the Flying Squad's fleet of Mk6 VW Golfs. 2 black units are clearly visible in the front row as well as another black unit in the row behind.

  • Is there any reason some cars have black paintjobs?

    Not as far as I know. Usually the text markings on the sides refer to the division and province(in the case of that Mk5, the division is the Flying Squad and province is Gauteng), but unless otherwise shown, its just a normal marked SAPS vehicle. I've seen detectives and others using marked cars of all colours, but white is seemingly the general and most common colour scheme.

    The black looks amazing. I'd love to see it on your Mk7.

    Your wish is my command.

  • Here's a little something I've put together as well. 2008 Mk1 VW Citi Golfs featuring liveries of multiple colours that I've seen being used as well as a Hazard Slimline RT4 lightbar. As goes with the Mk5 Golf, I'll make separate versions with Hazard Invader and Hazard Crusader lightbars too.

    Those are sexy Citi Golf's Kevin!! Love 'em

  • After deep thought an a lot of tinkering, I've finally managed to pull off actual liveries with reflective capabilities. The only parts that can't be made reflective is obviously the unit numbers as theres multiple, but you can use that as a reference on the model to actually check the difference ingame.

    EDIT: Updated the Mk7 Golf GTI to also support reflective mapping now. Working on the Mk5 Golf GTI and Amarok at present.