ZModeler 3 Bullet-Resistant Glass

  • Hello everyone,

    If you think you've seen this exact thread on then you're right. I really need an answer, though, and all the vehicle mods on here are really high quality so someone has to have an answer. Unless I'm really stupid, the flag HAS_BULLET_RESISTANT_GLASS does not work unless the vehicle itself has been modeled with bullet resistant glass (yes? no?) I think. I recently created an unmarked Alamo and want to give it bullet-resistant glass, but I'm not sure how to do that, outside of literally merging the glass from like an armored Baller or something onto it and tediously deleting polys so it fits.

    I would highly appreciate any response even if it's "I don't know". Please, help me.

  • Quote

    The most commonly used set of IDs (and flags) are:

    123 = non-breakable glass. Can be found on boats small windows.Usually equipped with flag #2 and flag #3.

    This used on the Kuruma's window collisions.


    142 = no hit-test area. Used mostly on chassis collision. Usually equipped with flag #3 and flag #4.

    This is used on the Baller's chassis [COL] on areas of impact resistance.

    You can also test the deformation constraints of objects by painting via the green channel.

  • Thanks for the response. Where should I place the ID 123 and 142? Is it a meta thing, or is it something I do in zmod?

    And just to confirm, making the glass bullet-resistant is something I do in the COL of the windows (e.g. window_lf [COL])?

  • The ID is set in ZModeler. You need to select the collision in Polygon mode and set the ID in Properties > General > External State. Recent versions of ZModeler (3.1.5+) also support selecting IDs and attributes from a list:

    Most default armored cars seem to use CAR_GLASS_STRONG (ID 122) however, rather than bulletproof glass. They also have the flag FLAG_HAS_BULLET_RESISTANT_GLASS in the vehicles.meta, but I'm not sure if it's necessary to add it as well, the armored Kuruma for example doesn't have that flag.

  • It's me again... First I'd like to apologize for being too stupid to fix my own problems and secondly for clogging up your beautiful forum with my crappy threads.

    Anyway. I made an Armored Granger (see here for z3d). The properties for the windows' collision models are as follows;

    window_lf, lr, rf, rr, [COL]: ID 123; see through, shot through FX, group VEHICLES, type CAR_GLASS_BULLETPROOF, User-Defined Options, Crash

    windscreen_f, r [COL]: ID 123; see through, shot through FX, group VEHICLES, type CAR_GLASS_BULLETPROOF, User-Defined Options, Crash

    misc_c, b [COL]: ID 123; see through, shot through FX, group VEHICLES, type CAR_GLASS_BULLETPROOF, User-Defined Options, Crash

    As you can see in the attached image, the front windscreen is completely bulletproof (which is very nice), but all other windows ARE NOT. They function as normal windows. I've also set those windows to type CAR_GLASS_STRONG, which seems to make them break even faster if that's possible.


    What can I do?

  • I've moved your post into your other thread, the issue still seems to be the same one.

    I haven't checked it ingame, but I've taken a quick look at your z3d and noticed the most likely cause for your issue: You've set the ID for the side windows in object mode, however it's necessary to set it in polygon mode while all of the collision's polygons are selected. The ID in Object mode is always supposed to be 0 as far as I know. The ID of the polygons is currently still set to 120 for the side windows and 122 for the windshield, that's probably why the windshield is the only glass that's bulletproof.

  • Yay! It works, I feel really stupid now.

    However, shooting the windows yields the bullet hole texture (see image) instead of the bullet-resistant glass texture (see image in original post #6).

    Is there a way to make the windows use the bullet-resistant glass texture?

  • I haven’t changed the flags since I had the initial problem with the bulletproof front windshield (which used the correct texture).

    I’m currently using the resistant flag, I’ll change it to proof later and test it then.

  • I've finally gotten around to test it myself, here's what I could figure out:

    • Strong glass (ID 122) without any added flags makes the glass break more slowly, but bullets still go through. The same applies when FLAG_HAS_BULLETPROOF_GLASS is used.
    • Strong glass with FLAG_HAS_BULLET_RESISTANT_GLASS adds the changed bullet hole texture and seems to make the glass completely bulletproof. As far as I know in GTA Online it's supposed to break after a specific amount of shots, but I'm not sure if that just doesn't work in Singleplayer or if I'm using a mod that causes this.
    • Bulletproof glass (ID 123) is always completely bulletproof and always shows the default bullet hole texture, no matter what flag is used.

    I'd therefore recommend trying ID 122 with FLAG_HAS_BULLET_RESISTANT_GLASS and see if it works the way you want it to.

  • By this, do you mean simply setting the ID to 122 or changing the group type to GLASS_STRONG as well?

    Actually, I tried it and it gave me the result from before, where the windshield uses the correct texture and is completely bulletproof, but the other windows just break.


    Looks like stupid zmod doesn't actually apply ANYTHING if you select all the windows at once, so every window except for the front windshield was ID 120 glass_weak, so I'm doing them all individually now which is not annoying at all. (sarcasm)


    It works now. You're a lifesaver! Thank you very much.