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    Are you intending to use the model as a game asset, or something else?

    Edge flow looks great, but imo the poly count is quite high, if for GTA V. Especially the details in areas that would be better off baked, or otherwise textured.


    The most commonly used set of IDs (and flags) are:

    123 = non-breakable glass. Can be found on boats small windows.Usually equipped with flag #2 and flag #3.

    This used on the Kuruma's window collisions.


    142 = no hit-test area. Used mostly on chassis collision. Usually equipped with flag #3 and flag #4.

    This is used on the Baller's chassis [COL] on areas of impact resistance.

    You can also test the deformation constraints of objects by painting via the green channel.

    I'll give you the respect that you credited myself, even though the verbiage that you choose may not be entirely accurate. I won't fret over semantics, simply due to this model floating around various websites without proper credits.

    The only issue I have is you demanding to receive approval for others to release it as an open source and modify it further. Barring 1 person, nobody has ever received my approval to convert my IV dev work to V, yet many have. Nor have I asked anybody to cease converting, nor demanding people to fix credits. Since you've uploaded it to MF, you can keep it here, only If you remove the stipulation of your approval. This specific resource is free for anybody to modify to their hearts content. The same conditions trickle down to the end user, regardless of what someone else has changed.

    Hope you understand.

    Is it a slot specific or model issue? Add those parts to your LAPD Caprice and replace the collisions with something you know works. If the collisions are the problem, maybe you need new ones or fix the axes.

    I wouldn't take Oleg's word at face value. He very often has bad intuitions and then claims his game crashes when he's asked to test.

    If it's a normals issue, all you can do is recalculate them. Could be something behind those seams or something in front of them. Your vertices could possibly be overlapped, leaving an empty space. Take a picture of an area with the wire-frame and maybe somebody could help you out more.

    I believe you have to manually apply AO and the mesh doesn't automatically have it.

    Also check your texture to make sure your uv mapping is correct. The area around your tail lights looked okay.

    Exterior is finished. The texturing process has begun. Next step is interior and engine.

    Not to get too far ahead, but I would like to use this model as a basis for some ideas that I originally saved for the old LAPD pack. I intend to release the vehicle, first as a test vehicle for improvement and refinement, then development model soon after. I'm still choosing to stay out of police modding for the most part. However, I have had an itch to pass off some unique thoughts off to the community that I think will increase realism with vehicle modding. I apologize for being illusory and ambiguous at the moment, mostly because I may not be able to accurate explain how I plan to implement them, due to the Tahoe being a wip.

    My initial poly count is off by quite some measure and will be for the test vehicle, however I will optimize the model as much as I can back to the self imposed limit I had placed for a development model. Then a further, more inclusive reduction will happen later as I described.

    The exterior is nearing completion and I wanted to give a short preamble of features to be expected.

    Some have expressed an interest in a lower poly version of the model. I agree that would be more suited considering that folks will be adding many polygons in the way of equipment. So, keeping that in mind, I plan on poly reducing details that aren't typically noticed. It will be baked into a texture and the geometry replaced with a very rough low poly equivalent. I postulate that the final poly count will be approximately 100,000-120,000 polys, give or take. This lower poly version would have about 20k or more stripped from it. Details kept in the most important areas that can be seen, for example the dash and steering wheel for first person view, would be mostly spared. Other areas like seats, engine, undercarriage and the passenger/trunk space would be optimized and baked.

    The other option I would like to include is a worn version. Since an in service Tahoe of this style has a few years on it, typically a vehicle that long would have some wear and tear in patrol units and to a lesser extent, administrative units. The plan is to include a version with the wear and tear that would be commonly associated with it. Something a long the lines of torn seats, scratches on the plastic, scuff marks, foggy glass, chips, dents, ect. I would keep it mostly to textures, but perhaps a few changes in the geometry if it looks realistic enough. The higher poly version would be the base for this and people can choose to transfer the textures or the bits where I might model in some damage to the lower poly version.

    The higher poly version will be the first release and the other two at a later date. It's easier for me to start higher poly, bake and then poly reduce afterwards.

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    If there are any suggestions, now is the time, as I will be less reluctant to change the model, due to it being easier to factor those ideas in now.

    I don't normally show off wip's that aren't near completion, however since a topic is required, here his a sneak peak at a future development model for accurate studio.

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    It won't be textured anytime soon, as I'm working on another unrevealed personal project that is nearing completion.

    The guidelines on this site for models are no stricter than Rockstar's default models, or really any typical game out there.

    LOD's are important as they keep the game optimized. 3D video game models have a tighter budget of poly usage due to the performance hit that the game might take. Not everybody has a high end system that can handle 6 digit poly geometry, 1 high poly LOD and increased draw distance so that the detail doesn't disappear. Appealing to popularity doesn't change the fact that those models wouldn't pass muster in any serious game. We all have some relative standard of what we think is appropriate, but there is an objective standard of what is acceptable for video games.

    There are a few people that have gone on to successful 3D modeling careers, one of which was working on Watch Dogs. That person didn't just give into complacency because people downloaded their work. If people don't want to improve; skill wise or creative wise, they're basically rehashing the same old product they've been uploading over and over. There are many techniques that developers use that you will have no understanding of unless you go out and learn.

    Despite your short visits, I'm sure you've noticed that nobody from AC has uploaded anything. That's why the site isn't as lively as others. The guys here choose to spend more time on a single model rather than push out models ad nauseum.

    Try deleting all of the wheel dummies and collisions, then replacing them with an original model like the ambulance.

    Then do this on the wheel mesh and the dummies(not collision):

    I'm guessing the axis is not in the correct position, then. Try using Display > Local Axis > Center to Object on the wheel (not the collision, though).

    And use this:
    Display > Local Axis > Reset to World

    I haven't been able look into the models any further since Tuesday. All I know at the moment is that some of the siren nodes are dedicated to the rotators and the others are dedicated to the emissive meshes. Other than editing the carvaritions file, we will have to wait to experiment in game.

    Scene hierarchy, compound objects, geometries

    Physics and collisions

    GTA V: Glass crash data (*.cwgv)

    Shaders materials and textures

    I would like to share some research about V's material, shaders and vehicle set ups. It isn't an exhaustive list of every model, shader, material, ect and only based on the model "police3". It's quite a long document, so it can be downloaded below. Feel free to share anything you may have found.

    Model Research.rar