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    Recently I have seen a lot of vehicles have animated lights/textures that make them glow when the headlights get turned on (videos attached). Does anyone know how to do that? ty.

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    Hey everyone

    I am making a police car sultan rs but when I downloaded a lightbar from lspdfr I can't open/merge/import the .z3d file. I don't know if I'm just not noticing the obvious problem but I am new to zmod and I have seen some say I need to click open, some say I need to merge and some say I need to import the file. No matter what I do I get this error "file:oldZ3DImportExport.cpp line:304", please help.


    Hello everyone,

    Recently I have seen the cool looking animated liveries that some members of the community have made and, I had to try it out for myself because they look amazing. So, I extracted the adder from my GTA 5 directory, and made a livery template for it using zmodeler and photoshop. Now that I have it, I don't know where to get started. I have looked on Modding Forum, FiveM Forums, even Reddit and I was disappointed to find nothing. If anyone knows how to make a animated/live livery and can share it with me, I would really appreciate it and thanks in advance.


    This is a edit and I just realized that this is posted in the wrong forum and I am sorry.

    Hey Tactical Donut, is there a way where I can make my glass bulletproof but breaks after it takes a certain amount of bullets? I want to make one of my armored cars like the baller armored, where the glass is completely bullet proof but for only a couple of mags, after which is would break and not have any protection. I don't really mind not having the FLAG_HAS_BULLET_RESISTANT_GLASS texture I just want it to work like the baller armored where it's not permanently bulletproof while it is bulletproof. TY in advance. -Elite