Westin Push Bumper Elite - '13 FPIU

  • Westin Elite - FPIU


    L0: 7738

    L1: 2467

    L2: 1052

    L3: 524

    Includes 3 textures, has been given a proper dirt map, collsion included.


    Westin Modeled and Textured by Jophics
    Commissioned by Infidel


    • You may not upload this anywhere else, nor are you allowed to convert this to other games.
    • You must include proper credits when using.
    • You're not allowed resell this, but you are allowed to use on models that are sold.
    • Model files have to be locked when using this item


    When using this for your own financial gain (including it on vehicles that are being sold) I'd appreciate a small donation.


    Hope y'all enjoy! <3

  • Jophics

    Changed the title of the thread from “Vehicle Part Westin Push Bumper Elite - '13 FPIU” to “Westin Push Bumper Elite - '13 FPIU”.