Federal Signal Cuda TriOptic

  • Hey,

    It's been a while since the last time I scratch-modeled anything, so yesterday I decided to start working on an FS Cuda TriOptic and surprisingly, it's already mostly finished today. I'm going to add a mount, a glare visor and LODs before trying it in-game. The current poly count is 600, however it has a diffuse, spec and normal map that are each 256x256px.


    Update: Mount (both facing up and down) and visor done, all together 1000 polygons.


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  • Thanks for all the positive feedback, I appreciate it!

    I've tested it earlier in V and modified the textures a little bit, but I believe there's still room for improvement, so it'll take a little bit longer until I can show in-game screenshots. However, the LODs are finished:


    L0: 1082 Polygons

    L1: 506 Polygons

    L2: 110 Polygons

    L3: 102 Polygons

  • Almost finished, there're just some very minor problems with the mapping of the screws and the directions of the normal map. Here are a few in-game screens:


    The emissives:


    Edit: Quick update, normal map is fixed. Would've probably been better to wait with this post until that was done, but well...

    Unlike I stated previously, I kept my original 512x512 textures. The size different shouldn't be relevant and scaling it down, if ever necessary, is easier than to add more details.