Visual Settings: Improved emergency light brightness

  • As I've recently started using VisualV, I've edited the visualsettings.dat to get brighter emergency lights (both ELS and non-ELS) and thought I'd share it. I've also edited the brightness of the other car lights, there's now a noticable difference between the brightness of taillights, brakelights and turn signals, which is useful for cars with only one part for all three (such as the Crown Victoria or the Caprice).


    If anybody wants to try the settings for VisualV or NaturalVision, edit update/update.rpf/common/data/visualsettings.dat and replace the following lines:

    For those who use vanilla graphics, download the visualsettings.dat attached below. Feel free to include it with your own mods, no specific credits are necessary as long the comment in the file is kept.

  • After going through several different visual mods, this by far seems to most realistic to me, its reasonably bright during both day and night.

    The only thing i changed was the corona size. 1.5 was way to big for me, to the point where it at times blocked the mesh itself. Changing it to .75 gives it a more balanced look.

  • The corona settings need to be different indeed when VisualV is not installed. The visualsettings.dat that can be found above uses the following values, tested for vanilla:

    1. # coronas
    2. misc.coronas.sizeScaleGlobal 1.0
    3. misc.coronas.intensityScaleGlobal 0.75
  • I've recently started using NaturalVision and adapted the visual settings, the emergency lights are brighter and there's a difference between the brightness of the tail light, brake lights and turn signals. The settings can be found in the first post.

    Unfortunately, during certain hours at sunrise and sunset with most weathers, there's no bloom effect at all. This seems to be an issue with NaturalVision's timecycles.


  • I started to use NV Remastered, too.

    And CJ24's visualsettings.dat.

    Maybe i'll increase the brightness of the emergency lights at night.

    I also recommend to use DarkerNights for a realistic night time.

    It also includes a ReShade for more sharpness.