ENB Help/Suggestions

  • Hey guys, recently I've gotten a new system and I've been messing with some different ENBs since I can run better ENBs and such on this one more so than my old one. I have a few questions regarding some ENB related, how would I go about darkening my ENB (turning down the brightness of an ENB), disabling the crystallization of vehicle lights (example)

    and if there is any other good ENBs out there. I've tried All three versions of CryENB, Smooth ENB and Icenhancer 3.0 but so far I haven't been able to find one that I want to stick to.

    04/26/2019 ANVF 81 385 KLINOPLOD 84 45 98 73

    04/21/2019 VZhCH 64 588 LIPUNEC 57 08 77 47

  • Most ENBs can be configured in the enbeffect.fx, however there're some ENBs with far more settings than others. CryENB's image settings are on top, you can modify brightness and saturation there. I'm using the following settings for example:
    float Brightness = 0.9;
    float Saturation = 1.0;

    The vehicle lights are most likely custom shader settings, if it's even possible to modify them, it's probably a lot more complicated. Although in my opinion, with well modded cars, it usually looks much more realistic than the default shaders.