North Carolina based Law Enforcement Mega Pack

  • I've decided to step out of my comfort zone recently, and create a W.I.P thread here on Modding-Forum. With all the talented people on this website, I'm hoping to learn things that will take my content to the next level.

    A few weeks ago BlueGhost released a vehicle pack that included multiple agencies from his State of Kentucky. Cartres also is working on a similar project for his State of Massachusetts. But what about my State? Well, after a couple hours of planning, I've decided to begin work on a North Carolina based pack. With agencies ranging from LSPD all the way to Campus Security for ULSA. Although it's going to be a gigantic project, I'm extremely excited to begin working on this. If you have any feedback at all please let me know. My goal is to make something incredible, not just "Another ELS pack".

  • First vehicle for the pack is basically complete and ready to go in game. (Still waiting for Radar, and need to re-texture the hat lol) I got the skins today from Harrison for this Charger and the Caprice, I started working on the Caprice last night so hopefully I can finish that up sometime tonight. Anyways if any of you notice anything at all please let me know.

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