GTA V Showroom Category

  • Credits
    Make sure to provide correct credits and list all contributions. If you use parts you have not created yourself, make sure you are permitted to use them.

    Thread titles should contain the name of the modification presented. We recommend presenting only one mod or one mod pack per thread.

    Screenshots and/or a video have to be provided when presenting any modification. Pictures need to be attached to the post, external hosters may not be used. It is possible to embed them in a specific location in a post, however thumbnails should be used if possible.

    Released modifications need to be hosted on Modding Forum, either by using attachments in the thread or by submitting it in the filebase. It is allowed to post external links as an additional mirror or for optional downloads.

    Development Resources
    Only released development resources may be posted. The terms of use included with these resources need to allow usage without requiring further permission.

  • We have removed the requirement to post only one mod or mod pack per thread. However, we still recommend posting only one project per thread, to allow users to find specific projects more easily.

    We have also added a new WIP/REL label for threads that include both released mods and mods that are still in progress.