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  • Hello,

    I've been having issues working with window collision models. I have no idea how to create them (excluding flat glass objects like partition glass) and when I try, they never work. Even on a model with previously working window collisions, after I imported it, made some changes (including adding 'Crash' to User-Defined Options), and exported, the window collisions no longer worked.

    I follow the following steps to create and set up glass collision models. These steps work perfectly fine for me when I apply them to flat surfaces but fall apart on anything that isn't flat. Along the same lines, I'm wondering how people create the collision object for complex objects.

    1. Add Crash to the window material's user-defined options if not already
    2. Create a box primitive sized to the window
    3. Convert it to collision object, append [COL], and nest it under the window object
    4. In the collision model's properties,
      1. Check Flat shaded
      2. Uncheck Tangents and Primary Color
      3. Change UV Channels to 0
      4. Add Crash to the user-defined properties
    5. In polygon mode,
      1. Delete the sides of the box, leaving only the front and back
      2. Change External State to 122/121/120 depending on the window
      3. Change GTA V > Options and check See through, No ragdoll, and Shot through FX
      4. Change Group/Type to VEHICLES and CAR_GLASS_STRONG/MEDIUM/WEAK depending on the window
    6. In vertex mode, weld each edge
    7. On the chassis collision model in polygon mode, verify the areas where the windows/doors are have ID 142 and type PHYS_CAR_VOID

    I'm really confused as to what I'm doing wrong and would greatly appreciate some guidance.


    1. Delete the sides of the box, leaving only the front and back

    This may be your issue

    Unfortunately, that didn't work. Bullets still pass right through. However, changing the ID to 116 and GTA V options accordingly results in the game recognizing it as a collision model, except for a metal panel rather than glass.

  • Have you made sure you followed all steps in this guide? Normally, no other steps should be necessary. If other collision types work, but glass doesn't, I could imagine that the crash property wasn't assigned properly either to the collision itself or the right material(s).

    Thanks for the resource! I'll check that out. It seems like my problem might be the windows only having L0, as the base model I'm having issues with did not come with LODs and I'm not skilled enough to create them myself.

    Keeping open pending resolution verification

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