• I'm still new to GTA V's workings but I'm in the process of learning the ins and outs of the game. I've already ported my Mk7 VW Golf GTI over to it without any major hassles as a test, the only problem that's holding me back and hindering me would be the fact that I have to remodel a decent interior for it. Nevertheless, I don't have any set plans for V yet but I'll definitely be converting all my SAPS vehicles over to it soon. Here's a few screenshots of the Golf for now:

    Its worth mentioning that I am aware that I've missed the deadline I set for the release of these cars for GTA IV, but it comes at a time where my interest has shifted over to V. I will get to releasing these cars for IV sometime in the future.

    I'll update this thread with a decent layout and list of my ideas and plans for GTA V once I've gotten to a stage where I'm happy in releasing the cars(there's still many bugs to be ironed out and things to be learned). Anyhow, I hope you guys like the progress!