2008 CVPI - Unmarked with Whelen Talon

  • Update: Now released:

    I've recently started working on a (hopefully) quick and simple project, an unmarked 2008 Ford Crown Victoria, featuring Hanako's CVPI base and Kane104's Talons:

    Most of the equipment is set up as extras, it is possible to use for example it as a detective vehicle with minimal equipment, or as an unmarked traffic patrol car with a laptop, radars, a partition and a pushbar.

    I'm currently working on a Whelen SA315P siren and Cencom Gold controller.

  • It has now been released:

    Additional all blue, all red and NY inspired color options are included:

    I have also made a separate version with a California inspired light color and pattern setup and with an additional passenger side spotlight extra component instead of the pushbar and radars:

  • Cj24

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