ZModeler3 - Car textures flickering when camera moves

  • Hello, I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now, this car I made has an issue with textures changing depending on where the camera is and also if another car passes by. In the linked video you can see the light bar changing textures when I move the camera around.

    I’ve messed around with the material for the light bar and nothing I do fixes it. Any solutions?

  • If you can tell the texture itself is changing then that usually means you are missing that texture in your .ytd or the texture in the .ytd doesn't match the same name in Zmod3. If something has no texture gta will start pulling random textures of things around you/your camera which may be what your seeing in your clip but the clip is a bit hard to tell exactly what is happening, however if it missing or named improperly compared to Zmod3 this would explain why it changes when cars go by as gta may be trying to pull textures from the passing vehicle.

  • This is most likely caused by broken mipmaps, which are smaller versions of the texture that will be displayed from specific angles (anisotrophic filtering) and distances to improve performance and anti-aliasing. You can generate new mipmaps in OpenIV by setting them to 1 and then back to the original (or the largest) number.

  • So I did both of these and the texture was still changing, but I ended up fixing it by simply putting the materials for the affected parts higher in the materials list, just under all the emissives. Thanks for the help though.