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    If your wheels all seem fine in zmod then I've seen 2 things cause this
    1. To many parts on the car. When you export it will tell you how many items there are, if the number is higher then 235 I think or somewhere around that I can't remember the exact number. (rare unless you're packing in a bunch of misc's + sirens + etc., only way to fix is to condense or remove parts.)

    2. At some point while moving something the main axis/dummy for the export name was uncentered from the world causing all the axis to shift strangly causing wheels, doors, and parts to not work correctly. To correct this just select the main first dummy (usually named something like "police" or "fpiu" after the type of car) and reset it to the world.

    "...import each part you used textures one at a time from the files provided by the part dev..."

    Hmmm... How do import each part texture one at a time?

    DXT5 is the most optimal format to import textures in?

    Each dev part for the most part should come with a texutres folder full of the textures needed for that part when download. When in the YTD in OpenIV just go part my part and open them and import the provided textures.

    Example: I used a Stalker Radar in my car, so when setting up the ytd in OpenIV I will find the stalker folder and import in the provided textures.

    As for DXT5 it very much depends on the texture which is best. I'm not texture format expert so details on that idk. Most good parts come with textures already set up to import as the proper format.

    This issue is just caused by OpenIV not supporting the "type" of texture, as you can see in your first picture some are DXT5 some are other things which OpenIV can't use. The only way around this is to note the error files and then open them in an editing software and save them again under a dds format supported by OpenIV or a PNG and then import them again.

    Personally I never just export every texture as it leads to things like this and the part textures a dev includes are intended for import and set up as proper format for colors to look correct. Most vehicle bases come with either a ytd or a DLC that contains the ytd, best way to ensure this doesn't happen is use the base vehicle's ytd and then import each part you used textures one at a time from the files provided by the part dev. This method will give you the least errors and the best quality textures intended by the part dev.

    Could you explain step 2? I'm not sure about that step.

    Using poly mode just break off the section you want to wobble. Repeat for all LODs so that you can re-LOD it in two parts once its set up to compound in in step 6.

    If you were to ignore LOD's then you'd just need to break the antenna off and follow the steps ignorong the LOD sections and only compound L0 into the dummy.

    I've never had issues making a bobble/wobble antenna work here are my personal workflow steps.
    1. Import antenna and move into place
    2. Break off the Antenna on all LODs from the base
    3. Center the axis to the now lone antenna LODS
    4. Using the Move Tool in Axis only mode drag the axis to the bottom of the antenna.
    5. Copy the L0 anntena and convert it into a Dummy, rename it to the bobble/wobble name of your choice.
    6. Now turn off all LODs at the top right and compound the Dummy, Double click the dummy and begin turning on the LODs and place the matching antenna LOD into the Antenna Dummy.
    7. Once done with all LODs click the little lock next to the dummy name to ensure nothing else get sent to its compound. Done.

    Thank you for your reply, but now there is a new problem. After I set all the settings and create the COL, the drawer will automatically open and pass through the trunk when I drive the car. If I do not create the COL drawer, it will not open

    These are problem pictures

    1. To stop it from sliding all the way out you need to set the dummies properties to make it slide less.

    2. Unless the drawer is set to a door on your car it will just slide around like a door that isn't latched. Most people set drawers to "cargodoor", this will make the drawer open automaticly when the trunk is opened.

    Nice work, but can you name one department that uses it? I swear on everything I've never seen this before

    The Kansas State Highway Patrol Turnpike Authority used it, I've also seen quite a few small town Ohio departments with them I'm pretty sure or at least something extreamly similar. Was also used by some other simple services that had CVPI's like Roadside Assistance cars and Taxi's.

    Always cool to see more quality obscure dev parts, very nice.

    You can create your own custom layout as I did it for a tahoe once to allow people to sit in the open tailgate SWAT style but there are a few things that seem to mess up at times as I don't know what all the exact codes mean. If you want to make a van have more simple seating then I'd just find and copy the layout name from a Bus and paste it as the layout for your car. just make sure you have the proper amount of dummies for the seats and they are named properly. For the dummies and names just import a Bus into Zmod and copy its way of naming for its seats.

    Using a bus may have issues with doors possibly but I've never tried it so that's the best I can think of without the trial and error of learning how to make a Layout.

    If you can tell the texture itself is changing then that usually means you are missing that texture in your .ytd or the texture in the .ytd doesn't match the same name in Zmod3. If something has no texture gta will start pulling random textures of things around you/your camera which may be what your seeing in your clip but the clip is a bit hard to tell exactly what is happening, however if it missing or named improperly compared to Zmod3 this would explain why it changes when cars go by as gta may be trying to pull textures from the passing vehicle.