Weird dials

  • Looking at the dials in the third person will show a weird texture (like a continuous mapping).

    Another problem is that I want to make the dials work in the game without [script_rt_dials_gen_taxi] in the vehicle YTD, but when I put the dial texture in the [vehicles_poltax_interior.ytd] folder in ZM3's texture browser, it does not show up in the game.
    How do I use a global texture?

  • You probably have mipmaps enabled for the texture, it needs to be set to 8-bit uncompressed RGBA (A8R8G8B8 in OpenIV) with no mipmaps (mipmap setting 1 in OpenIV). That should fix itself when you remove the texture from the .ytd and use the shared one.

    Shared generic textures are set in the txdRelationships section at the bottom of the vehicles.meta:

    1. <txdRelationships>
    2. <Item>
    3. <parent>vehicles_poltax_interior</parent>
    4. <child>your_car</child>
    5. </Item>
    6. </txdRelationships>