• We've recently introduced a new guide system. A list of all currently available guides can be found here: Guides

    Previously, guides were simple threads in the discussion categories. Now, the new system allows us to sort guides into categories and gives a better overview of all available guides. We're also able to add multiple authors to a single guide if more than one person contributed to it. It is also possible to add comments.

    We've moved all old guides into the new system, however some of them have been split up. We've also taken the opportunity and added some more guides.

    To make sure all guides are correct and well written and formatted, they will be managed by Kane104 and myself. Anybody can contribute useful texts, pictures or videos, either to expand existing guides or for completely new ones. If you're interested in helping, simply send us a message with your content or post ideas for future guides in this thread.

    The following guides are currently planned or in progress:

    • Diffuse, Normal and Specular Maps
    • UV Mapping
    • Window Tint
    • ELS and Siren Emissives