Addon Cars, Combine dlcpacks, Limitations, Experience

  • Hello together,

    Im came back to add some real life cars to my gta V story mode. I did it some years ago already using replace models, this time I would like to use addon cars because its much more time efficient and you don't have to copy paste so much in the files themselves.

    I already added about 50 cars, it works fine but I already feel with every bunch of cars I add game stability suffers.

    Right now I think about if its worth it to combine different addon cars in one dlcpack as one update.rpf

    Question 1: out of your experience is this worth it to combine addon cars as dlcpack in one update.rpf or just wasted time?

    Also I recognized that addon cars can be somewhat from about 20 MB to some hundred. Maybe because of high detailed files or whatever. I wonder if there is way how to determine if a addon car is not worth it.

    Question 2: Any advise to determine the quality of addon car by the filesize or at least some best practices?

    Thank you very much in advance!

  • In what way does stability suffer? The game should never crash solely because you've installed too many mods, unless some of them are faulty. An FPS decrease is typically caused either by scripts or a large number of very high poly models, disappearing and invisible world textures are usually caused by textures with too high resolutions.

    Combining DLCs is most likely going to have no effects on performance and is therefore probably not worth the effort, as long as you haven't reached the game's DLC number limit.

    File size can be an indicator for optimization, but it's not a very good one. DLCs can have a very large file size if they aren't defragmented, but that only affects disc space, not the game's performance.

    Vehicle model files (yft) can be larger than necessary if they include more than the necessary LODs, which does not have any effect on in-game performance, only on disc space. Checking the polygon counts (especially for L1 and lower) is a much better way to check for vehicle optimization.

    For texture files (ytd), file size is even less of an indicator, as they are compressed, which results for example in multiple similar high resolution textures having a smaller ytd size than different looking low resolution textures, despite the latter requiring less memory. If texture loss happens, it is typically caused by having too many 4k textures (4 is typically a safe limit per car) or any textures with a higher resolution than 4k. Otherwise if no texture loss happens and the GPU's VRAM limit hasn't been reached, texture sizes shouldn't have any considerable impact on performance.

  • Thanks for your answer!

    I mean game sometimes crashes. I need to do some testing if it is correlated with a specific car or just the number of high polygon cars within an area.

    Do you know what is the actual dlc limit so?

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