Whelen Cenator 2018 Dodge Charger

  • A Whelen-based 2018 Dodge Charger that I put together, cause why not. The setup is using a Red/Blue split. Car is a basic setup without a lot of extra bits on it. Once I have time, I will likely update it to have other gear included and to be 32 sirens.

    Included are addon versions for both GTAV Single Player and FiveM.


    Extra 1: Westin Pit Wraps

    Extra 2: Westin Wing Wraps

    Extra 3: Driver-Side Spotlight Up

    Extra 4: Driver-Side Spotlight Down

    Extra 5: Passenger Side Spotlight Up

    Extra 6: Passenger Side Spotlight Down

    Extra 7: Stalker Radar Unit

    Extra 8: Rear Bumper Ions



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