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    It appears that your dummies/axis for [Wheel_LF] moved, even the slightest offset can break the position, but your Screenshot makes it hard to tell.

    You have a few options to try and sort the issue out.

    1. Rename [Wheel_LF] to something different to prevent issues and merge in the one from the stock .z3d that came with the base and move the materials to the correct positions in the hierarchy.

    2. Dismiss the LODs and reset the dummy axis to the mesh. (Under the display section, use the copy local axis tool and select the mesh, then the dummy helper for the wheel. Reset the children or mesh LODs to the parent to make sure everything is aligned and then redo the LODs). Do note that this runs a slight risk that if the wheel is moved that it would remain out of the original position and might look off compared to normal.

    A Whelen-based 2018 Dodge Charger that I put together, cause why not. The setup is using a Red/Blue split. Car is a basic setup without a lot of extra bits on it. Once I have time, I will likely update it to have other gear included and to be 32 sirens.

    Included are addon versions for both GTAV Single Player and FiveM.


    Extra 1: Westin Pit Wraps

    Extra 2: Westin Wing Wraps

    Extra 3: Driver-Side Spotlight Up

    Extra 4: Driver-Side Spotlight Down

    Extra 5: Passenger Side Spotlight Up

    Extra 6: Passenger Side Spotlight Down

    Extra 7: Stalker Radar Unit

    Extra 8: Rear Bumper Ions