Vehicle is said to be too big and therefore crashes

  • Hello,

    I have a vehicle that I want to put on my GTA 5 Fivem server, but an error comes up every time I want to spawn the car and my game crashes, according to the crash, it's because the vehicle is too big, but that can't really be the case. According to my computer, the folder for the vehicle is 72 Mb and not yet 100 Mb

    I ask for help…4749558370305/unknown.png

  • Texture archives compress textures to decrease required disc space. Memory usage is based on the unpacked textures outside of the .ytd files. If you get anywhere close to these file sizes, the vehicle is massively unoptimized. Depending on whether the model or the textures are at fault, you will need to lower the polygon count or compress textures properly and decrease their resolution.

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    I have already reduced the textures so that there are no more than 100 kb. I suspect that it could be due to the 3D model itself, but I don't know where I should scale it down