Chevrolet Tahoe PPV -13

  • Since I have never taken on a fully scratch modeled base for GTA yet on a serious level, I decided this to be the first time.

    I will gradually upload images to this thread as I make progress, to later go back to and see the project from start to finish. I do this for fun and might therefore take quite extensive breaks to regain motivation to later on continue with the project.

    Anyways, here we go.

  • Cant wait lol

  • Always great to see new content creators! Just from another modelers perspective, do you mind including a picture of your topology and current triangle counts?

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  • I've been quite inactive recently so I haven't made that much progress, however - I am taking as long as possible to ensure the best looking results.

    Recent progress includes:

    - Work on exterior bodyshell

    - Door handles (not complete)

    - Mirrors

    - Windows

    Closest progress to be done:

    - Trunk

    - Roof detailing

    - Window seals

    - Front grill

    - Lights front & rear