Online guns and vehicles disappeared from my mod menus

  • Hi, I am new to the modding world and I’m having an issue currently with a mod menu I downloaded for gta 5 on steam….So when I first downloaded simpletrainer I had online dlc guns and vehicles and now over a sudden I don’t have those features any more…does anyone know how to get them back ?…I’m talking about the gta online guns and vehicles that were apart of the simple trainer mod menu that suddenly disappeared for me…Any help will be appreciated…again I’m new at modding so don’t roast me cuz everyone starts somewhere…I also have more questions too which I’m going to post once I get an answer for this current problem. I posted on a different forum for gta5 mods and I wasn’t getting any help there so hopefully someone will be gracious enough to give me some advice on this…Happy New Year btw