Gta 5: shiny garment texture

  • Hi everybody :)

    I would like to change the texture of a trousers on gta 5 .. I therefore with the help of photoshop replace the texture of the pants with a vinyl texture but when I run gta 5 vinyl texture is not brilliant ..

    Do you know why ?

  • Since your issue is specifically related to GTA 5, I've moved it to the GTA 5 category.

    I'm not completely sure what issue you're having based on your post, but generally, to make an object more shiny or reflective, you'll need to edit the specular textures. Lighter spec textures are more shiny and reflective. To figure out specific spec colors, I'd recommend taking a look at similar peds from the default game and copying those colors.

  • Bonjour et merci

    Savez vous ou je trouve les textures spéculaires?

    Hello and thank you

    Do you know where I find the specular textures?

  • S'il te plaît, poste en anglais. Si tu as besoin d'une traduction, je te recommande

    Please post in english. If you need help translating, I recommend

    For peds, the specular textures are in the .ytd file, their name ends with _spec. For multiplayer character clothing, the specular texture is embedded in the .ydd file. Right click on the file, click Export to openFormats (.odd) and choose a location. It creates a folder with an .odr file and another folder with the model and texture files, you can then edit or replace the specular texture. When you're done, in OpenIV, click New > Import openFormats and select the .odr file to import the updated model with your texture.