2015 Ford Focus ST - South African Police Service

  • Other than the fact that the body looks gray, really nice!

    BRB plate lole

    Yeah, early stages but I'll fix it down the road. I've experimented with baking AO into the livery of the Golf and I'm doing it with the Focus again because I honestly can't stand the blinding glare that comes off white cars ingame when the sun hits them. That glare kills off the ability to see body lines and detail.

    As funny as it also may be, they genuinely use BRB plates. SAPS cars' first 3 characters will always start with a B, followed by a random letter, and then end on a B. The final character is also a B to identify it as a police vehicle. The B at the end is usually replaced by province designation such as EC, GP, CA, etc. on civilian cars.