Updates to our Terms of Use

  • We have introduced the following terms to our Terms of Use:


    4. Conversations
    4.1. Conversations are private messages only meant for the parties involved. It is not allowed to share messages without previous consent, except when reporting a message as described in section 4.3.

    4.2. Advertising or the handling of any commercial activities is forbidden.

    4.3. If a participant in a conversation has reason to believe that a message violates our terms of use or applicable law, they can report the message. The content of the specific message will be automaticly disclosed to the website's staff members.


    • 4.1: We have introduced this term as private messages may not be shared with third parties by law in many countries.
    • 4.2: This section is a clarification that any commercial activites in conversations are explicitly forbidden. Commercial actvities, including within conversations, have always been forbidden according to section 3.4. of the Terms of Use.
    • 4.3: This section describes when it's appropriate to use the report tool and what information is disclosed to staff.

    The new terms will be applied on January 14 2018. Every registered user is then going to have to accept the changed Terms of Use to be able to continue using our website.