2013 Chevrolet Caprice PPV - Love it!!!

I love this NEW 2013 LAPD/LSPD Chevy Caprice PPV so much that I made another vehicle. This time more so in the early evening. This model is created by CJ24 and Kane104 and can be downloaded in the link below. Today I am running in the area Compton Area (Strawberry) were crime still goes down. I hope you enjoy.:):):P:love:

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  • It's great that you're enjoying the car so much, but 20 images seems a bit much. I'm not a fan of getting 20+ notifications for a slew of pictures in the gallery. If you want to post a lot of pictures, you can post one then embed or link an imgur gallery of all the other pictures.

    • The imgur albums in the description is actually something I've never really liked a lot, there's always a bit of a risk with third party hosters concerning performance and reliability. That approach was born out of necessity when another website decided to forbid uploading multiple pictures at the same time to prevent their latest pictures box from showing only those. We're showing random latest pictures in our box and our software provides an easier way to browse through the gallery's pages, so it shouldn't be an issue here.

      If notifications are a problem when a lot of pictures are uploaded, there's a "Mark all Images as Viewed" button in the top right corner. We used to show the text next to the icon, but it seems like we lost that with a software update, so that button might've been easy to miss.

    • My apologies as I am new to the website, I was unaware of this discrepancy... I attempted to delete photos but it does not allow one to do so, only whole albums. I will keep this in mind in the future.

    • You're good!

    • It's all no problem. You are free to post pictures as long as they don't violate any rules. However it's good to keep in mind that very few users are actually going to look through a lot of similar gameplay pictures and it's therefore definitely recommended not to post too many similar pictures at the same time.

      Deleting an album won't get rid of the pictures inside, as albums are just an optional way to sort your pictures. If you actually want pictures removed, you can report them tell us the reason why you'd like to have them deleted. We generally prefer not to remove content, but we don't want to keep content available against the author's will and are always up for conversation.

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