Air Horn 1.0

  • Air Horn 1.0


    Made for my 2020 F-Series Ambulance, This is my first ever scratch-modeled part so keep that in mind.


    Modeled by Shadow Modifications

    Terms of Use:

    1. Do not claim anything as your own unless your name is listed in the credits above.
    2. Improvements and modifications are approved and credits from the original post must be provided if done. Re-release of such improvements or modifications are prohibited unless authorized by Shadow Modifications.
    3. Using this in a build being profited from is permitted.


  • Looks good!

    However, I would consider the following steps:

    - Bring down the incraments on the cylinder shape to reduce polygons. You're currently at 1.6k tris for each horn which I think is too high. I think bringing down the incraments half the amount of what you currently have is a good option.

    - Add LOD's. As this is a external part that you see outside of the vehicle, I think making LOD's is a good idea to reduce performance impact.

    If you have any questions about either of these, please let me know.

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